Construction overview for the week of June 17, 2019

This week at 158 Front Street East work continues on the ground floor slab in the central area of the site.

Crews will be forming, pouring and finishing concrete for the ground floor. As sections of the ground floor are completed, columns will be formed and poured that run from the ground floor to the second floor.

The ramp to the underground level that runs off Frederick Street is substantially complete but there will be some more work on this structure during the week.

The ground floor is a complicated project requiring multiple concrete pours. It requires much more time to complete than a standard floor plate. We expect that after the second floor is completed in the coming weeks, subsequent floors will proceed at faster pace.

We will post updates during the week if there are substantial changes to the schedule. We will also post an update later in the week if there is work scheduled for Saturday, June 22.

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