158 Front St. E., Construction overview, week of June 3, 2019

Work continues this week on the ground floor, at-grade concrete slab at 158 Front Street East.

As the slab is being poured in sections, work also continues to complete the columns rising from the P1 level floor, on the central east section of the site.

In sections where the at-grade slab has been poured and finished, crews will be forming and pouring the columns and walls that will rise from the ground floor to support the second floor slab.

Work is also well underway on the underground parking access ramp, which will run off Frederick Street. Ramp construction will continue this week.

We will post updates later this week if work changes or new additions to schedule warrant it. If work is scheduled for Saturday, June 8, we will also post an update to detail that. Please check back regularly.

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