Construction update and look ahead for 158 Front, April 18, 2019

Work is continuing on site to complete to the P1 slab floor level and the columns and walls that will run between the P1 floor level and the ground floor slab level.

The site will be closed tomorrow, Friday, April 19, for the Good Friday statutory holiday. And there is no work scheduled for Saturday, April 20.

Looking Ahead

This coming week, April 21 – 26, crews will be forming columns and walls, and forming the first sections of the ground floor slab.

Depending on progress and weather conditions, the first section of the ground floor slab may be poured by the end of next week but it is more likely that this will begin the following week.

The next two (2) and a half months, from now until the end of June, will be focussed on completing the 1st and 2nd floors of the podium, which stretches across the the site from Frederick to Sherbourne. Forming, pouring and finishing the 1st and 2nd floors will involve a lot of complicated work. Subsequent floors will be comparatively more straightforward and will likely be completed at faster pace.

Note: our next update will be posted on Tuesday, afternoon, April 23.

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