Construction Overview for the week of April 15, 2019

This week will see continuing work on the P1 concrete slab floor and the columns and walls rising from the P1 level to the ground floor level.

We expect that there will be concrete pours through the week from Monday to Thursday, during which concrete finishing may extend past 7 pm. We do not expect the finishing work to cause significant noise off-site.

Work is progressing in the east end of the site underneath the existing ground floor slab that is currently in use as a staging area.

This week our next scheduled update will be posted on Thursday, instead of Wednesday.

NOTE: There will be no work on site on Good Friday, April 19.

Looking ahead: When the east end of the site is fully integrated into the site, after the first floor above grade is completed, the large circular support columns, known as caissons, will be chipped away and the concrete removed from the site.

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