Midweek Update for 158 Front St. E., April 10, 2019

Concrete work is progressing on the P1 slab floor level at 158 Front Street East. Thursday, April 11, will see the next section of the P1 slab poured, in the central northern half of the site.

It is expected that Thursday’s concrete work may go as late as 9 pm to ensure the section is properly finished.

Rain is in the forecast for Friday, April 11, and if it is a significant rainfall, concrete work planned for Friday may need to be moved to Saturday or Monday. We will post a further update here by day’s end Thursday.

The photos above show the area to be poured on Thursday.

Looking ahead:

Work on the P1 slab is expected to continue through the coming week. Work on the columns and walls from P1 to the Ground Floor level will continue into latter part of April.

The parking level access ramp is also going to be poured as part of the work on the P1 level, and this will also be done in sections.

Please check back for updates.

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