Midweek update for 158 Front, April 3, 2019

Progress is steady at 158 Front Street East, with work continuing on the P1 slab level and the walls and columns on that run from the P1 level to what will be the ground floor slab level.

There may be some workers on-site this coming Saturday but we won’t have confirmation of that until Friday midday. If there is work on Friday we will post and circulate an update.

Just as with the P3 at-grade level and the P2 slab level, the P1 level is complicated, multi-part concrete pour. Due to the size of the these slabs, sections are formed and poured over the course of several days.

Once a section is poured it has to be finished in order to ensure the concrete sets correctly. As finishing is an integral part of a concrete pour it must begin as soon as the freshly poured concrete has set and continue uninterrupted until completed. There may be days when the finishing work must continue past 7 pm but as the work does not generate much noise, it should not have a significant impact on the site’s neighbours.


Work to complete the P1 slab and the P1 to Ground Floor columns is expected to continue through April. Substantial work on the Ground Floor slab is expected to get underway at the beginning of May. We will be providing our usual updates as we go forward. As well, even though it is now spring, weather remains a factor, heavy rain for instance can delay concrete work.

Our next regular update will be posted on Monday morning at or before 7 am, April 8,

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