Midweek update for 158 Front, March 27, 2019

Crews will be working on the P1 slab level for the balance of the week. This will include the ramp from the P2 to P1 level. In addition, in areas where the P1 concrete slab has been poured and finished, work will be continuing to form and pour the columns that run from the P1 level to the Ground Floor level.

We note that continuous concrete pours are permitted, by necessity, to run until they are completed. This includes the crucial stage of concrete finishing, which may run as late as 10 pm after slab section has been poured.

Looking ahead

There is no work scheduled for this coming Saturday, March 30.

Crews will be working to complete the parking levels over the next two weeks. We expect work to begin at the ground floor level in early to mid April.

Our next update will be posted by or before 7 am, Monday, April 1.

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