Overview for the Week of March 25, 2019

This week construction at 158 Front Street East will see continuing work on the P1 concrete slab floor. Work is also underway to pour the columns that will rise from the P1 floor to the underside of the at-grade (street level) ground floor.

Concrete slab sections are poured beginning in the morning continuing into the afternoon. Once the concrete has been poured, finishing work begins. Finishing does not generate a significant volume of noise but is it noticeable to anyone overlooking the site. As we note here, concrete pouring and finishing are inextricably connected: two parts of the same overall continuous concrete process that is permitted by City By-Law to continue until work is completed. Concrete finishing may continue into the evening till 10 pm. However, every effort is made to complete this work as early as possible.

We show the photos above to provide a sense of the future sidewalk width and public realm, this will include the existing sidewalk and be setback northward into the site. It will be a width similar to the sidewalk condition that runs east George Street along Front Street East, as seen here.

We will post our next update on Wednesday afternoon, March 27.

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