Wednesday update and look ahead for 158 Front, March 20, 2019

Work is progressing steadily at 158 Front Street East. The P3 and P2 slabs have been completed and work is now proceeding on the P1 concrete slab.

Concrete for a the southwest section of the P1 slab was poured this morning and concrete finishing will proceed into the evening tonight, possibly as late as 10 pm. As we note here, concrete pouring and finishing are inextricably connected: two parts of the same overall continuous concrete process that is permitted by City By-Law to continue until work is completed.

Proper concrete finishing, following a pour, is essential to the concrete setting correctly. It is also relatively quiet work and should not cause any unduly noticeable noise. However, as the building gets closer to grade, workers completing the finishing work will be more visible from the street or nearby buildings.

Concrete finishing on the P1 slab floor this afternoon, March 20, 2019

Looking ahead, over the next 2 and half months, we expect the work to reach completion on the underground levels. By June we expect the building to reach grade–street level–with columns running from the ground floor level upward to the mezzanine and 2nd floor levels.

As we move forward we will provide more detailed information on concrete pours and finishing.

Our next post will be up on the website and circulated by or before 7 am, Monday, March 25.

The P1 Level slab floor in progress on March 20, 2019

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