Friday recap, Saturday & Look Ahead for 158 Construction’ Feb 16/19 +

To begin the update we note that the construction of the final piece of overhead protection, at the northwest corner of the site facing Frederick Street, was underway Friday afternoon, February 15. This work had already been rescheduled and was expected to occur next week. However, due to some unexpected scheduling conflicts with the subcontractor it was fitted into Friday’s schedule rather than risk any further delays.

The sidewalk on on the east side of Frederick was temporarily closed to ensure safety while the work progressed. It is scheduled to be complete today. This will ensure a more accessible walkway walkway area on the east side of Frederick and also provide additional room for concrete trucks to access the site.

Last Frederick Street section of overhead protection being installed, Friday, February 15

There were also trucks unloading clean gravel for base level for the last remaining section of at-grade concrete slab. This work has of course been affected by the recent snow and ice storms. With better weather ahead it is hoped that more progress will be made.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

This Saturday crews will be on-site from 9 am to conduct crane work and some general site housekeeping. No concrete is scheduled. It is expected that work should be complete by approximately 5 pm.

Next Week – February 18 – 22, 2019

This coming week the emphasis will be on continuing to complete the ground floor – at-grade – concrete slab. The first sections of the P2 concrete slab floor have been complete and concrete work will continue on this level through the week, following the progress of the at-grade level, in counter-clockwise direction around the site from the southwest corner to the northwest corner.

We will post updates next week as any new information is confirmed. Please check back!

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