158 Front Construction Overview for February 11 – 15, 2019

This week work will continue on the final sections of the at-grade slab, AKA the floor of the P3 level of the future St. Lawrence Condominiums. We note that this concrete work is very weather sensitive given the pouring and finishing of concrete on the excavated and levelled ground. We expect, given Tuesday’s forecast of significant snow and ice, that this week’s schedule will be interrupted. Therefore there may be concrete work scheduled again this Saturday, February 16. Once we have confirmation of this we will post it here and circulate it. If you wish to be on our circulation list please email us at contact@158frontconstruction.info. 

The area of the ground floor awaiting concrete scheduled to be completed this week.

We expect concrete trucks to be arriving and departing the site daily, weather permitting. We note that concrete trucks cannot stop running so their engines will be constantly in use to ensure the viscosity of the concrete mix.

Concrete bucket that is filled with concrete and lifted by crane into the site.

We will provide updates through the week if there are significant changes or additions to the construction schedule. Please do check back regularly.

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