158 Front Construction Overview for February 4 – 8, 2019

The plan for last week’s construction was to complete as much of the at-grade P3 level concrete slab as possible. However, as last week’s weather made that and much else at the site impossible to complete, the construction management team is looking forward to a fresh start from Monday, February 4 onwards.

As work moves forward to complete the at-grade slab, concrete work on site moves counter-clockwise from the southwest corner of the site to the northwest corner of the site. The columns from the grade level to the P2 slab level are poured after each section of at-grade slab, followed by the forming and pouring the P2 slab; and so on for the next level.

Even though the weather forecast for this week is for temperatures to be above or near normal, if there is one thing we know from this winter is that anything may happen. So we will monitor the site and post updates here as may be necessary. Please check back through the week for updates.

This wee there will be concrete trucks accessing the site from both the Fredrick Street gate and the Sherbourne Street gate. Since the removal of the excavators on site, there is now additional room on the Frederick Street side of the site for trucks to enter, deliver the concrete and be washed on-site before exiting.

We do note that concrete trucks must continue running, even when they are waiting to enter the site, to ensure the concrete remains fluid. Every effort is made to get trucks on and off the site with as quickly as possible.

We will post details of any work that may be planned for Saturday, February 9, later this week.

If you have questions regarding construction activity please contact us contact@158frontconstruction.info

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