Saturday work at 158 Front + a look ahead, January 26, 2019

There will be concrete work on site at 158 Front Street East this Saturday from 9 am. Concrete trucks will be accessing the site and the cranes will be in operation.

Winter weather is continuing to complicate construction activity at the site. Friday’s concrete work was cut short due to the weather. The decision was taken to extend concrete work into Saturday both as a catch-up and as a hedge against the forecast of snow and extreme cold for the start of next week.

Saturday will also see the removal of some of the remaining shale on site. There will be dump trucks arriving and departing the site until the shale is removed.

Looking Ahead:

We will post our standard weekly construction overview by or before 7 am, Monday, January 28, however it will be subject to change given the expected weather conditions.

In general the goal for next week is to complete as much of the at-grade P3 level concrete slab as possible. The work is moving counter-clockwise from the southwest of the site to the northwest of the site. The columns from the grade level to the P2 slab level are poured after each section of at-grade slab, followed by the forming and pouring the P2 slab.

We will post updates through next week as necessary. Please check back!

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