158 Front Construction Overview for January 14 – 19, 2019

This week will see the completion of excavation work at 158 Front Street East. Accompanying this, the first of two excavators on site will be removed. The excavator that has been parked within the fence at the northwest corner of the site, adjacent Frederick Street, will be taken away.

Excavator to be removed this week.

Following the removal the first excavator, the second excavator which is at the base of the site at the P3 level, will be removed by a mobile crane and loaded onto a flatbed trailer. We do not yet have a time and date for this second removal confirmed but once we do will post and circulate this information well in advance of the removal work commencing. During the removal, traffic on Frederick Street will be restricted but access to the residences and businesses will be maintained.

Work continues to progress on the pouring of the base at-grade P3 level slab and the columns that will support the P2 level slab. Work is moving counter-clockwise through the site. As sections of the the P3 level slab are completed, columns are formed and poured and the framing and forming for the P2 level slab are put in place. The 2nd level slab will then begin being poured, following the the P3 level work, moving counter-clockwise from the southwest corner of the site to the northwest corner of the site.

Concrete pours will be ongoing daily, with concrete trucks serving the site from the Frederick Street gate and the Sherbourne Street gate. Noting that once the excavator parked adjacent to Frederick Street is removed, concrete trucks will be able to be completely within the perimeter of site on the west side.

We will post and update later this week regarding plans for work on Saturday, January 19; as well as any other changes to the construction schedule. As always work is weather-dependent and may change or be delayed by inclement conditions.

If you have questions regarding construction activity please contact us contact@158frontconstruction.info

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