158 Front Construction Overview for November 19 – 24, 2018

This week work at 158 Front Street will continue on forming and pouring footings, the first phase of the foundations for St. Lawrence Condominium. 

There will also be continuing excavation and soil removal throughout the week. 

Raker shoring installed last week on the north side of the site.

Raker shoring was installed last week to provide additional structural support along the north side of the site in advance of additional soil removal. The rakers will stay in place until the lower level concrete walls have been formed and poured.

Detail of raker shoring at 158 Front St. E.

Work is as always dependent on weather conditions. Both rain and snow may affect the progress of work this week. If there are significant impacts we will post updates here. 

Concrete footings at 158 Front St. E.

If you have questions regarding construction activity please contact us contact@158frontconstruction.info

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