158 Front Construction Overview for November 12 – 16, 2018

There are two major areas of work this week:

  1. Continuing work on forming and pouring footings, the initial phase of the foundations for the building.
  2. Installing raker shoring to provide additional support along the north wall of the excavated site. 

Raker shoring are long steel poles that are placed onsite to reinforce the existing shoring. The photo below shows an example of rakers after installation.

Example of raker shoring.

Both steel and concrete will delivered to the site visa Frederick Street. The rakers will be installed along the north wall as the earth is removed from that area of the site. 

The north wall of the site showing the area where earth will be removed and rakers will be installed. 

We will update this site if there are other developments or changes to the construction schedule this week. 

If you have questions regarding construction activity please contact us contact@158frontconstruction.info

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