158 Front Construction Overview for November 5 – 9, 2018

This weeks construction activity will be focussed on forming and pouring concrete for the building footings; the first phase of creating the building’s foundation. 

There will be concrete trucks entering the site from Frederick Street but as the trucks can enter the site easily and manoeuvre once at the base level, we do not expect there to be significant traffic or pedestrian impacts. 

However, the weather will be a factor in the progress of work as the forecast calls for up to 20 millimetres of rain between Monday and Tuesday of this week. 

Last week work was seriously delayed by rain as evidenced by the photos below. 

Conditions onsite at 158 Front Street after overnight rain November 1 – 2.
After a day of pumping and work onsite on November 2 at 2 pm. 

We will update this site with any new developments during the week. We will also confirm by Friday, November 9, if there will be work scheduled for Saturday, November 10. 

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