158 Front – Saturday Work October 27, 2018 & Look Ahead

There will be work on site at 158 Front Street East from 9 am onwards, as crews will be chipping the perimeter walls on the excavated site. Work will focus on the northeast section of the perimeter walls, underneath the concrete platform.

This is in preparation for next week’s initial foundation work. There will be some noise associated with this work. As we have noted before, Saturday construction work is permitted by the City of Toronto’s Construction Noise By-Law between 9 am and 7 pm. Though we expect work will not continue past 4 pm on October 27. 

Looking Ahead

With both cranes now installed on site, over the next two weeks work will focus on preparing and pouring the concrete footings that form the base for the foundation. The week of November 5, will see the arrival of steel supports that will be attached to the north perimeter wall to provide additional structural support as the foundation is built and the parking levels are formed and poured. 

We will post an additional overview of next week’s construction by or before 7 am, Monday, October 29.

If you have questions regarding construction activity please contact us contact@158frontconstruction.info

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