158 Front Street – Week in Review & Look Ahead

Review of this week’s major work on-site

The rebuilt ramp was complete for the beginning of this week. This week the first crane was installed on Tuesday, October 9 on the west side of the site. The other priority this week has been the completion of the overhead protection on the balance of the site along Front Street East and Sherbourne Street.

Installing overhead protection on Front Street East

Look Ahead

Looking ahead, the next major milestone will be the installation of the crane on Tuesday, October 23. This second crane will be located on the east side of the site adjacent the concrete slab. 

Approximate location of the second crane, to be installed October 23.

Over the coming week work will focus on preparing the crane base, grading and pouring concrete where the crane tower will be anchored. 

Once the overhead protection is complete, lighting will be installed inside the overhead protection to illuminate the sidewalks. The existing temporary lighting along the site will be turned off by Toronto Hydro sometime after the new lighting is installed. 

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