158 Front Construction Overview for September 17 – 21, 2018

This week at 158 Front Street East excavation and hauling excavated material will continue through Wednesday, September 19. On Thursday, September 20, work will start on the footings for the first crane on the site. 

Installation of the hoardings and overhead protection will resume on Monday, with the goal of completing the the hoardings by midweek along Front Street and Sherbourne Street. 

Partially completed hoarding on Front Street

The timetable for the installation of the first crane has been pushed back to October 9. We will have more information on this next week. Work on the footings for this crane will continue into next week. As well the ramp into the site from Frederick will be reconstructed next week. 

A note on truck traffic into the site:

The City of Toronto approved traffic management plan covers only the immediate area around the site. Trucks hauling dirt are also able to wait for loading on the site itself, relieving pressure on Frederick Street.

Get in touch and stay up to date:

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Please feel free to contact us via email at contact@158frontconstruction.info.

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