Looking Ahead at 158 Front Street East

Looking ahead over the coming weeks we will see a new phase of construction begin at 158 Front Street. Starting next week, September 10 – 14, the installation of overheard protection around the rest of the site will get underway. It is expected this will take 4 to 5 days to complete. If the weather cooperates, the hoardings and overhead protection may be completed by Friday, September 14. If there is a weather delay, this work may stretch into the following week. We will provide updates as the work gets underway.

The installation of the first of two cranes on the site is scheduled for Thursday, September 20. The second crane installation is scheduled for mid October, approximately.

Footings for lowest level, what will be the P3 level, will begin in late September. Forming the lowest level concrete is expected to get underway in early October. We note though that excavation work will likely continue into November. 

We will provide future near to mid term outlooks as work progresses, along with our regular weekly construction overviews, and updates during the week regarding specific work when relevant. 

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