158 Front Construction Overview for August 13 – 17, 2018

Bulk excavation continues this week at 158 Front Street East. The work is focussed on the eastern two-thirds of the property. Excavation will go 3-storeys down from street level. 

UPDATED August 14: On Wednesday, August 15, a mobile crane will be on site as part of necessary electrical work, and the parking spots on the north side Front Street East, between Sherbourne and Front Street, will be occupied during the work.  

REVISED truck movement information:

The original plan for trucks entering and exiting the site do take away excavated soil has been changed. It has been determined due to negative impacts on timing, traffic and pedestrian flows. Starting this past week, trucks are at the site from King Street East, travelling south on Frederick street, reversing into the site at the Frederick Street gate, then departing from the site, making a right turn onto Front Street and wither continuing on Front or turning north on George and then heading west on King Street, depending on traffic conditions. While this differs from the original routing, it provides for safer and shorter turning into the site, provides less impact on vehicular traffic and reduces the impact on pedestrians using the east side of Frederick Street. 

Morning truck arrivals start at 7 am or shortly thereafter. Every effort is being to made to avoid trucks waiting on Frederick Street to enter the site. However, at the start of the morning up tow trucks may be waiting to enter the site. If they have to stay on Frederick for a few minutes, drivers are instructed to turn off their engines to avoid idling, and to avoid blocking the entrance to 160 Front Street. 

Please check back for updates.

Please feel free to contact us via email at contact@158frontconstruction.info.