158 Front Construction Overview for June 4 – 8, 2018

This week at 158 Front Street East the installation of tie-backs and excavation work continues through the week. On the east side of the site forming continues for the staging platform. 

Framing and forming for the concrete staging platform on the east side of the site.

And Forming of staging platform along Sherbourne. This includes the steel framing and the wooden form sections into which concrete will be poured. As we noted last week, the staging platform will provide key work area for nest phase of construction. The concrete platform will be a permanent part of the building, with underground levels being dug out underneath it.  

Excavation continues on the site this week.

The current excavation across the site is still in its initial phases. Once the staging platform is completed, excavation on the west side of the site will proceed until it reaches 3 full levels below ground. 

Tie-backs are a key part of the support system that ensures the perimeter walls retain their structural integrity during excavation. Drilling is a central part of this installation process, as is the unavoidable noise that accompanies this work. 

Please check back for updates and please feel free to contact us with any construction related questions via email at contact@158frontconstruction.info.

Forming for the concrete staging platform.

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