May 14 – 18: Excavation and Hoarding Installation at 158 Front St. E.

This week the central focus of work at 158 Front Street East will be ongoing excavation work across the site. There will be three levels of underground residential parking for the St. Lawrence Condominium, so a significant amount of excavation remains to be done. 

Ongoing excavation work at 158 Front Street East

Also this week, hoardings with overhead protection will be installed along the Frederick Street frontage of the site, running north from Front Street to the property line just south of 159 – 161 Frederick Street. This will maintain a minimum of 1.5 metres of covered pedestrian walkway along the east side of Frederick Street. 

Fencing along Front Street that will be replaced with hoardings and overhead protection prior to crane work beginning on site.

The fencing along Front Street will remain in place while excavation continues. Prior to cranes being installed on site, hoardings with overhead protection will be added along Front Street East and Sherbourne Street.

Please check back for updates and please feel free to contact us with any construction related questions via email at

The blue cylinder is one of the caisons on site that reinforce and support the ground during excavation.


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